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WM Logistik

Ocean Freight

If you are looking for a reliable partner to transport your sea freight, we will certainly meet your requirements. WM Logistik develops appropriate sea freight concepts according to your needs and implements them for you within a very short time. We always keep you up to date on the location of your freight.
With our help, you will receive your goods at the desired place and time.
We will handle the freight and monitor the entire supply chain for you so that you can ideally optimize your production processes.
Every year, billions of tons of goods are shipped across the seas. We also do our part and handle large amounts of valuable freight every day.
It is particularly important to us to transport your goods economically and accurately while also offering a simple door-to-door service.

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    Advantages of ocean transport with WM Logistik

    Customer satisfaction, a fast turn-around time and the security of your delivery are particularly important to us.
    We regularly send you status updates so that you can keep an eye on your shipment.

    • FCL (Full-Container-Load)

    • LCL (Less-than-Container-Load)

    • Full & consolidated containers

    • Documentation

    • Issuance of Bills of Lading for CY-CY

    • Letters of Credit

    • Worldwide Multimodal Services

    • General Cargo

    • Transportation Insurance

    • Dangerous Goods Processing

    • Combined Sea and Air Transport

    • Container loading and unloading in the company’s own terminal

    • House to House Delivery

    • L/C Handling

    • Documentation with Dakosy

    • Procurement Logistics

    • Distribution Logistics

    Our reliable FCL transportation

    If you are dealing with larger amount of freight, we can offer you a comprehensive full container load. This saves a lot of administrative work and you can count on fast delivery as well. Since it is a full container, your goods will only be handled/unloaded by you only. If needed, the container can also be moved to other means of transport after it has arrived at the port.

    Uncomplicated LCL transportation

    If you are shipping smaller quantities than a full container, we have the right solution for you as well. Our LCL transports include all sea freight that takes up less space than a full container load. In ocean freight, these general cargo shipments are therefore combined with other shipments within the container. Thanks to our versatile freight strategies, it is no problem to ensure that your goods are managed in an organized manner. This assures that each item will be assigned to its rightful owner.
    This type of transport is one of the cheapest choices within our logistics company, as we combine several shipments with each other. However, if you are shipping even smaller amount than the above, we can discuss it with you personally to come up with the best possible option.

    Fast processing on attractive terms

    As an active logistics company in the container transportation field, we have built up a strategic network. This way we can react more independently to your requirements and ensure that your containers/goods are shipped to the agreed location without delay.

    Customs on sea freight

    Customs clearance is also not a problem for our international shipments. With our year long experience and cooperation you will be the one who will benefit the most.
    You will have a reliable partner who guarantees a stress-free and punctual delivery. Customs clearance is carried out for both imports and exports, if possible using systems that ensure automated, simplified and accelerated customs clearance.

    Come and take advantage of our extensive network

    Join us and benefit from a perfectly organized delivery of your freight. We will quickly respond to your requests so that no precious time is wasted. We value the best quality and provide the best customer service, which means that you always have a reliable partner at your side. We always keep you updated on the current location of your cargo, so that you know the exact delivery time.