Fulfillment solutions for every size

As a professional fulfillment provider, we offer the perfect combination of efficient logistics and outstanding service. We ensure maximum flexibility and scalability for your e-commerce business.

Time savings, cost efficiency, and growth opportunities.

Efficient Inventory management

Maximize warehouse capacity and optimize inventory management to avoid overstocks and enhance cash flow.

Fast & reliable Shipping

Benefit from a smooth shipping process and timely deliveries to increase customer satisfaction and receive positive reviews.

Scalability & Flexibility
& Flexibilität

Adapt to your company's requirements and grow effortlessly by accessing the fulfillment service and focusing on your core business.

All-in-one fulfillment solution for your e-commerce
für dein E-Commerce

WM Logistics offers you a comprehensive all-in-one solution for your e-commerce by handling all tasks. With us, you can tailor your individual logistics package from goods import to return management.







Modern technologies and digital processes

As an experienced fulfillment service provider, we are well acquainted with the challenges in e-commerce and its logistics. Therefore, we consistently rely on fast, contemporary, and completely digital solutions. Through our advanced technologies and efficient processes, we provide our customers with top-notch results at highly competitive prices. 

pick by scan

live shipment status

online Onboarding

digital packing station

Multi-carrier networks for a flexible delivery
eine flexible Lieferung

Thanks to our flexible multi-carrier solutions, you can choose the desired option for the last mile according to your needs. This gives you the freedom to utilize a tailored and optimal shipping solution for your shipments. 

Customized Add-on services
Add-On Services

We present to you a wide range of diverse additional services. From customized inserts for your shipment to seamless handling of customs formalities for both import and export of your products.

custom inserts

custom packaging

insured shipments

Customs clearance

riijk relies on WM Logistics

riijk is a company founded in 2018, based in Hamburg. From here, riijk develops innovative solutions for daily life and offers clever products for both two-legged and four-legged friends around the household, living, and beauty. Meticulously crafted from high-quality materials for durable products and reliable, stylish helpers in everyday life. 

Simple integrations & a transparent system
ein transparentes System

Through our partnership with JTL, a provider of innovative e-commerce solutions, we can offer you state-of-the-art and transparent shop and marketplace integrations. With FFN-Connect, a leading interface manufacturer, we have the ability to integrate virtually any shop or marketplace. You always have an overview of your logistics and can easily monitor both inventory and shipment data. If you encounter any issues related to your integration, we are available around the clock to assist you in solving your challenges.

That's what sets us apart!

As a fulfillment service provider, we offer you many advantages and efficient logistics solutions. You benefit from comprehensive service and support from our experts. What sets us apart is the personal contact that makes working with us even easier. 

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daily pickups


customized services

Was uns unwiderstehlich macht

Wir verwalten dein B2C- und B2B- Geschäft unter einem Dach. Dabei profitierst Du von einem weltweiten Transportnetzwerk und taglichen Abholungen durch marktführende Speditions- partner – ob Warenpost oder Full-Truck-Load.

late cut-off times

daily pickups


customized services

Our reliable partner who always supports us

Through our partnerships with outstanding companies like van kjiir, we can offer you a first-class and tailored solution. Since 2012, van kjiir has been a seller on Amazon and knows almost all the adjusting screws to grow with Amazon.

Deine Amazon Unterstützung

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Often, the same questions are asked. We have compiled the most frequently asked questions. Feel free to take a look – you may save time if we have already answered your question.
There is no minimum requirement for the number of shipments per month.
We use various shipping packaging that can vary depending on the size and type of shipment.
Zuerst führen wir ein kostenfreies Erstgespräch durch, um uns und deine Herausforderungen besser kennenzulernen. Danach erkläre ich dir die weiteren Schritte und wir gehen gemeinsam den Onboarding-Prozess durch.
No, shipments are only picked up from Monday to Friday. There is no pickup on weekends.


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