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Requirements for packaging and commercial documents

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"Packing list template"

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Customs authorization

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Zollvollmacht ABD

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SEPA Direct Debit Mandate Template

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You can track your shipment through your Track & Trace access. For all other shipments that cannot be tracked via Track & Trace, we will send you regular status updates via email.
We have sent your personal Track & Trace access to you via email. Please also check your spam folder in case it ended up there.

The Incoterms (International Commercial Terms) are a set of internationally recognized rules and regulations that govern the responsibilities and risks between buyers and sellers in international trade transactions. They specify who is responsible for the costs and transportation of goods and at what point in the transportation process the transfer of ownership of the goods takes place.

The Incoterms are agreed upon in purchase contracts and must be clearly and unambiguously defined.

The Incoterms used in your purchase contract depend on the negotiations between you (the buyer) and the seller. 

Yes, we have our own warehouse in the middle of Germany with over 2500+ pallet spaces and state-of-the-art security standards.
Yes, we provide customs services for your shipment. We take care of the entire transportation process, including all necessary customs, logistics, and transportation services. If you have specific questions about transportation, you can contact our customs services contact person.
We can provide all available transportation methods and tailor them to your preferences and requirements.


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